Join Rottler at PRI

We're looking forward to heading back to The Indiana Convention Center this December. Stop by booths 5129 & 5229 in Yellow Hall. For more infomation, visit

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Designed & Made In The USA

Designed and built to last using the best equipment and materials assembled by dedicated professionals, you can be sure that your Rottler machine will meet your needs today and into the future.

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Used By Professionals

Rottler machines are used by professionals such as RoushYates and Total Seal to win races.

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F100 Series Large Engine Multi Purpose CNC

H80 Series Vertical Honing

SG Series Seat & Guide Machining

VR Series Valve Refacing

F Series Boring & Sleeving

P60 Series 5 Axis CNC Cylinder Head Porting

S Series Surfacing

F60 Series Multi Purpose CNC

F70 Series General Purpose

Rottler F79A Multi-Purpose Machining Center

The F70 Series machines are primarily designed for both the small to medium size diesel engine rebuilder as well as the performance engine builder. These versatile machines are able to perform common jobs such as boring/sleeving, surfacing (heads and blocks), main and camshaft line boring, and general industrial CNC machining with Rottler CAM software.

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