Rottler F69ATC

CNC Machining Center with Automatic Tool Changer

Machine Operations

  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Block Surfacing
  • Blue Print Boring
  • Boring & Sleeving
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Connecting Rod Boring
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Lifter Boring
  • Line Boring
  • Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)
  • Thrust Cutting

  • Applicable Industries

  • Performance Racing
  • Remanufacturing
  • Small Engines
  • Tractor Pulling
  • Vintage Engine Rebuilding

  • PDF Resources

    F69ATC Brochure
    F60 F70 Series Locator Catalog
    F60 Series Optional Equipment Catalog
    F69ATC Optional Equipment Catalog

    • Only machine with Windows Touch Screen Operating System. Easy to learn and fast to operate.
    • Fast change over time between digitizing/porting heads and machining blocks.
    • 24 tool changer and enclosed coolant system for manufacturing heads and blocks, or just making parts.
    • Same great proven software found on Rottler’s P69 5 axis machine for digitizing and head porting and on the F69A for block machining.
    Instant Internet Support Rottler offers cutting edge internet support direct from your machine to the factory. Skype and a webcam are installed for video conferencing and internet support. This feature gives you instant, direct contact with Rottler right on the machine without even making a phone call. The standard webcam comes pre-installed so that Rottler Technicians can see exactly what you are seeing, this saves a tremendous amount of time when trying to answer questions. Shop busy or too noisy for talking? The pre-installed Skype application give you instant messaging capabilities with Rottler Technicians.

    Automatic Tool Changer 24 Space Automatic Tool Changer for CAT40 Taper tools. The tool changer can handle up to a 10" (250mm) diameter tool weighing 15.5lbs (7kgs).

    Windows Operating System Rottler uses Windows and Touch Screen Technology through a 19" (483mm) panel. The Windows software has many advantages such as a common user interface that the whole world is familiar with.

    Touch Screen Control Two different operating systems are available. The Rottler system for simple, fast and easy programming of common jobs such as boaring, surfacing and line boring. Anyone can learn in a few hours. The other is CAD/CAM for advanced CNC programming for endless opportunities such as making parts, engraving names and much more.

    Servo Motors
    Offers operator maximum torque and performance throughout the RPM range for precise accuracy and increased productivity.

    Manual Handwheel Offers operator infinite control of machine movement in all axes for quick and easy setup.

    Vertical Box Way Precision Ground, Hardened Box Way Slideways are 28" (700mm) wide for increased rigidity and years of heavy duty production machining.

    Spindle Super hard finish resists wear for years of operation. 0-4000 RPM Spindle Rotation with quick change CAT40 Taper.

    Massive Frame Massive frame boasts full enclosure with Sight Panels in front and on sides of enclosure to view work area.

    Power Drawbar Offers finger tip changing of cutting tools in manual mode.

    Direct Drive Direct drive precision ball screws for faster rapid feed rates and accurate positioning.

    Large Turcite Coated Box Ways Turcite coated bedways for reduced friction, longer life and better accuracy.

    Large T-Slot Table Allows operator to clamp or fixture any job quickly and easily.

    Coolant Tank Complete coolant system for tool lubrication during machining. 30 gallon capacity.

    Automatic Lubrication For years of trouble free life and reduced wear.

    Chip Auger Automatically removes chips from enclosure and deposits chips in wheeled disposal cart.

    For more information:
    See the F69ATC Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
    • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine using Windows Operating System and Industrial PC with Intel Processor. Precision Programming and Control  thru a 15" (400mm) Computerized Touch Screen.
    • Software options available for Programmable & Automated Cycles such as Boring, Surfacing, Lower Sleeve Offset Boring, Water Hole Repairs, Main & Cam Line Boring, General CNC Machine Work
    • Internet connection to the machine computer must be provided for training support and service.
    • Programming and Machine Operation Thru 15" (430mm) Extra Bright Touch Screen
    • Electronic Handwheel for manual movement - per click: Coarse Mode .01" (.25mm) Medium Mode .001" (.01mm) Fine Mode .0001" (.002mm)
    • Precision Digital Readout, .0001" (.002mm) Resolution in 3 Axis
    • 3 Axis Movement by Precision Ball Screws & AC Servo Motors - Infinitely Variable - Horizontal Movement - Left and Right Direction - 39.3" (1000mm)
    • Machine Prepared for 4th Axis Upgrade
    • Horizontal Movement - In and Out Direction - 20" (500mm)
    • Vertical Movement - Up and Down - 27" (685.8mm)
    • Extra Clearance Between Spindle Nose and Machine Table - 39" (990mm)
    • High Speed, Rigid Spindle for Chatter Free Cutting
    • Spindle Rotation by AC Servo Motor - Infinitely Variable 0-5000RPM - 10HP (7.5kW)
    • Automatic Central Lubrication System
    • 24 Space Tool Changer for CAT 40 Taper
    • Full Enclosure with Sight Panels of Work Area
    • Complete Coolant System for Tool Lubrication During Machining
    • Operation and Spare Parts Manual
    Rottler Exclusive Touch Screen Programming

    Fully Programmable Cycles
    Simple CNC control, PC based with Windows Operating System

    Dimensions input through touch screen:
    • Bore Centers, Exact Depth, Speed, Feed etc.
    • Bores complete bank in Automatic cycle.
    • Lower bore relief, off center boring for Honing Clearance.
    • Surfacing - Multiple Pass programmable for roughing and finishing. Can remove any amount of material in one automatic cycle.
    • Lifter Bore Machining - bore housings and brushes to exact final size.
    • Automatic line bore cycle completes all main bearing housings to withing .0002"
    • Face main line thrust bearing faces square to crankshaft centerline.
    • Machine a radius for stroker crank connecting rod and bolt clearance.
    • Rottler CAM CNC program allows G Code programming and file transfer with CAD/CAM programs.
    For more information & screen shots of Touch Screen Control: See the F69ATC Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
    F69ATC Machine Specifications American Metric
    Touch Screen19"483mm
    Machine Weight12000 lbs5455 kg
    Machine Height109"2769mm
    Table - Size59" x 20"1500 x 508mm
    Table - T Slots5
    Travel - Horizontal (X Axis)40.5"1028.7mm
    Travel - In/Out (Y Axis)20.5"520.7mm
    Travel - Vertical (Z Axis)30.5"774.7mm
    Travel - Spindle Nose to Table10"254mm
    Spindle - TaperCAT 40
    Spindle - Rotation Speed0 to 4000 RPM
    Spindle - Motor6 HP4.5 Kw
    Tool Changer24-Tool Standard
    Coolant Capacity30 Gallons
    Cylinder Bore Range (with Optional Cutterheads)2" - 5"50.8 - 127mm
    Line Bore Range (with Optional Cutterheads)1.9" - 5.6"48.2 - 142.2mm
    Performance - Rapid Travel (X, Y, Z)400 I/min10160 mm/min
    Tool Changer - Number of Tools24
    Tool Changer - Maximum Weight of Tool15.5lbs7kgs
    Tool Changer - Maximum Diameter of Tool10"254mm
    ATC Tool Changer - Tool Changing Time2 Seconds
    Dimensions - Machine88D x 127W x 109" H 2235D x 3226W x 2769mm H
    Dimensions - Shipping132D x 90W x 110" H 3353D x 2286W x 2794mm H
    Electrical Requirements208-240V, 60A, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
    Air Requirements cfm @ 90 psi l/min @ 6 bar
    Paint Color CodeRAL9002 (Grey White)