Rottler EM69P

5-Axis CNC Porting and Machining Center

Machine Operations

  • 5 Axis CNC Digitizing
  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Block Surfacing
  • CNC Head Porting
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Lifter Boring
  • Line Boring
  • Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)

  • Applicable Industries

  • Cylinder Head Shop
  • Drag Racing
  • Motorcycle Engine
  • Performance Racing
  • Tractor Pulling

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    EM69P Brochure

    Rottler’s Next Generation 5-Axis CNC Multi Purpose Machining Center offers the precision and speed needed to reproduce cylinder heads with exceptional accuracy – with no handwork needed. The EM69P also has the capability of porting intake manifolds with the same techniques used to port cylinder heads.

    The EM69P has a huge high torque spindle motor that utilizes CAT40 spindle taper and the latest motor technology to give more torque than previous models.
    The EM69P 5th Axis has a proven automatic built in brake that locks the spindle motor axis in position for heavy cutting operations such as cast iron engine block boring and surfacing plus heavy cutting when manufacturing parts from solid billet.
    The EM69P is able to machine engine blocks such as boring, surfacing, line boring, lightening and additional machining requirements.
    With the use of RCAM - Rottler Computer Aided Manufacturing Software allows general CNC industrial machining for a wide variety of applications.
    The EM69P uses the exclusive Rottler CNC Touch Screen Control Software. With standard Windows user interface and animated training, training time and learning time is reduced. Operators can take full advantage of available features that will improve operator speed and efficiency.

    The EM69P features the new 4C PC-based single processor control system by Direct Motion is highly interactive and very responsive. Our next generation 4C control system extends capability to include importing of CAD models which can be automatically be converted in toolpath that the machine can then use to execute actual machining operations. The upgradeable software can be networked for enhanced efficiency. The Advanced DM software tools allow manipulation of port design and minimize digitizing time. This allows an operator to pick up data once and tweak the design (including hand-ported designs) as needed.

    Standard Equipment. High Torque (24Nm) @ 1000RPM High Torque Liquid Cooled Integral CAT40 Taper Spindle Motor. Optional High Speed Spindle Motor available for increased speed and output up to 25,000RPM

    The EM69P has very fast rapid movements and cutting speed with infinite look-a-head capabilities offering fast production times. A common V8 cylinder head can be ported in about 1.5 hour.

    Digitizing is done automatically on the machine using a Reinshaw probe, eliminating the need for an expensive coordinate measuring machine (CMM). All programming and operations are done directly on the Rottler EM69P 32” Touch Screen Control Panel.

    The 24 tool automatic tool changer is included as standard equipment for "set it and forget it" operation.
    Spindle in 5th Axis - The high torque spindle of the EM69P is built into the 5th axis of the machine with the center of the cutting tool on the same center as the 5th axis. The spindle is able to tilt 60 degrees to the left and right.
    This unique feature allows easier set up and faster porting time compared to fixed spindle machines.

    Competitive machines have a fixed spindle and therefore have to tilt the cylinder head left and right which makes complicated programming and each port has to be programmed differently.
    Touch Screen Technology - Rottler utilizes a 32” TOUCH SCREEN to simplify machine control operation. Touch screen allows separate control panels to display only the information and control buttons that are required for that particular operation to be displayed and hide the information and buttons not required. Most CNC machines have large control panels with many unnecessary buttons and this makes learning the machine slow and complicated, which is stressful to a new operator.

    Instant Internet Support - Rottler offers cutting edge internet support direct from your machine to the factory. Skype and a webcam are installed for video conferencing and internet support. This feature gives you instant, direct contact with Rottler right on the machine without even making a phone call. The standard webcam comes pre-installed so that Rottler Technicians can see exactly what you are seeing, this save a tremendous amount of time when trying to explain questions. Shop busy and too noisy for talking? The pre-installed Skype application gives you instant messaging capabilities with Rottler Technicians.

    Automatic Tool Changer - The 24 tool automatic tool changer is included as standard equipment for "set it and forget it" operation.

    Pre-Arrival and On-Site Training Available - Rottler offers training videos and guidelines as well as factory training prior to delivery of your EM69P as well as on-site training after delivery. Rottler's EM69P is so easy to learn most operators are on their own within three to five days. Once your EM69P order is confirmed, a software package including a course of training videos and instruction guidelines will be sent to you so that the operator can start learning the software before the new machine even arrives. Should you feel that extra training is required before the arrival of the machine, Rottler offers optional, additional hands-on factory training.

    Simplicity - The simplicity of the complete process from digitizing to programming to actually machining the heads is an important feature. Rottler has developed this system for over 12 years, making the Rottler EM69P a system that is easy and fast to learn. The EM69P will start paying for itself by reproducing heads fast within 3 days of training!

    Exclusive 4C Control - What is 4C Software? Rottler’s newest EM Series equipment offers Computer Numeric Control (CNC), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) in the industry’s most advanced Computer Measuring Machine (CMM). The 4C technology allows users to digitize, edit designs and begin cutting in less time but also requires less machining/programming expertise compared to many other systems. This brand new, revolutionary CNC machine CAD/CAM software allows 3D CAD Solid Models to be imported or created at the machine – the built-in CAM functions can be used to semi automatically and interactively create complex 3D tool paths direct from the CAD geometry.

    Unique Features - All-in-one digitizing/probing, programming and porting machine - nothing else required! And it's all done in one software package. All other systems use 3-5 software programs for each operation, each requires it's own long learning curve. We do digitizing, surface programming, surface modifications (if need be), toolpath generation and operation of the machine from one common program!

    Tooling Packages - Rottler offers complete packages including all necessary software, fixtures, tool holders and porting tools.

    Turn-key Package Includes: Machine, software, fixtures and tooling, training (at factory and/or on-site after machine delivery,) internet support (internet connection to the machine computer - can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.)
    -High Torque (24Nm) @ 1000RPM High Torque Liquid Cooled Integral CAT40 Taper Spindle Motor. Optional High Speed Spindle Motor available for increased speed and output up to 25,000RPM.
    -A 24 tool Automatic Tool Changer is included. Tool changes are accomplished via a dual arm tool changer and rotary tool carousel traveling on linear slides in the Y axis for clearance.
    -Highly interactive & very responsive PC based single processor control system by Direct Motion Control Technology.
    -Standard Windows user interface with animated training & remote diagnostics.
    -Internet enabled with the ability for a technician to "take over" the machine for remote training and diagnostics from anywhere in the world.
    -CNC touch screen control, Windows operating system with Intel processor and internet networking included.
    -Programming and Machine Operating through 19" (500mm) extra bright touch screen.
    -Precision Digital Readout, .0001" (.002mm) Resolution.
    -Accuracy ensures Ports will Line Up with No Step - No Hand Blending Required.
    -120 Degree Range of Motion on 5th Axis Tilt.
    -Custom Specialized Cutters and Tool Holders Minimize Run Out, Chatter, Noise, Clogging.
    -High Spindle Speeds (up to 10,000 RPM) with low speed torque for fast stock removal when machining billet castings and boring engine blocks.
    -Linear Roller Bearing Slideway construction on all axes for smooth and precise axis movement.
    -Direct Drive Precision Ground Ball Screws on all axes for improvement accuracy and repeatability.
    -High Feed Rates of 100 IPM (2.5MPM) with Integrated Design & Sophisticated Look Ahead Software.
    -Rotary Vector Gear Reducers in 4th and 5th Axis for extended life and near zero backlash.
    -Direct Drive AC Servo Motors on all 5 axis - no belts.
    -Baldor Brushless AC Servo Motors.
    -Linear Motion Slide Way construction for smooth and precise axis feed.
    -Fully Enclosed with Sliding Doors and Coolant System with chip auger and roll out coolant tank.
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    EM69P Machine Specifications American Metric
    ControlCAD CAM CNC CMM
    Machine Weight13277 lbs6000 kg
    Spindle - Motor Torque(@1,000rpm) 210 in.lbs(@ 1,000rpm) 24 NM
    Slideway Type (X/Y/Z)Linear Motion Bearing Slideways
    Axis Feed Method (X/Y/Z)Direct Coupled Servo Driven Ball Screw
    Table - Size19.68" x 59.09"500 x 1500mm
    Table - T Slots5
    Travel - Horizontal (X Axis)39.4"1000mm
    Travel - In/Out (Y Axis)19.68"500mm
    Travel - Vertical (Z Axis)30"762mm
    Travel - Spindle Nose to Table40"1016mm
    Spindle - TaperCAT40
    Spindle - Rotation Speed0 to 10000 RPM
    Coolant Capacity84.5 Gallons320 Liters
    Weight Capacity1543lbs700kgs
    5th Axis Rotation120deg (+/- 60 Deg)
    Feed Rate0-100ipm0-2.54mpm
    Tool Changer - Number of Tools24
    Tool Changer - Maximum Weight of Tool15.4lbs7kgs
    Tool Changer - Maximum Length of Tool11.8"300mm
    Dimensions - Machine111.30D x 119.09W x 108.07" H 2827D x 3025W x 2745mm H
    Dimensions - Floor Space Requirements136.22D x 170.67W"3460D x 4335Wmm
    Dimensions - Shipping90.55D x 118.11W x 100" H 2300D x 3000W x 2540mm H
    Electrical Requirements208-240V, 50A, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
    Air Requirements1 cfm @ 90 psi28 l/min @ 6 bar
    Paint Color CodeRAL9002 (Grey White)